About Us

Every year disasters of all kinds affect Northland businesses and families placing stress upon the community response framework. From fires to floods and everything in-between, a high probability of another disaster striking the Northland exists. The effectiveness of response by the response community is dependent on their ability to connect, learn and share in preparedness.

The Under One Roof conference is a unique event that will address challenges common among emergency preparedness and emergency management in the Northeast region and beyond. Participation will provide attendees with opportunities to connect with regional preparedness and response partners, learn innovative and effective techniques for future activities, and share lessons learned from recent responses.  The conference offers information for all emergency preparedness professionals in the subject areas that include:

  • Emergency Management
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Community Sheltering & Mass Care
  • Volunteer Management
  • Emergency Communications
  • Healthcare Preparedness
Contact Info:

Under One Roof Conference
4219 Enterprise Circle
Duluth MN 55811

Planning Team:

Ali Bachinski
Carlton County Public Health

Josh Brinkman
St. Louis County

Patrick Chamberlain
US Coast Guard

Owen Fifield
Minnesota-Dakotas Region, American Red Cross

Marlyn Halvorson
Carlton County Sheriff’s Office

Kimberly Hanson
Essentia Health

Alicia Lagarde
148th Fighter Wing

Tonya Loken
Essentia Health

Kelvin McCuskey

Rob Morehouse
Duluth Fire

LaReesa Sandretsky
Lake County HHS

Kayla Scrivner
Minnesota Department of Health

Adam Shadiow
Northeast Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Dave Sletten
Douglas County

Jo Thompson
Northeast Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Kate  VanDaele

Sarah Zayas
Arrowhead EMS Association


Connect:  An opportunity to establish new relationships, strengthen sustainable partnerships and re-connect with our partners in response.

Learn: An opportunity to hear about the latest developments, trends, best practices and explore new ideas related to emergency preparedness.

Share:  An opportunity to reflect on recent events, celebrate successes and learn from our experiences.