Your Home, Hammock or Converted Overwater Bungalow
For the convenience of our participants and to ensure a safe viewing environment for everyone, the conference sessions will be viewable from any site in the world!

Disclaimer: Time zone differences may make participation particularly challenging for our Maldivian digital nomads.


We offer direct flights from a number of convenient locations. While your origination point may vary we ask that you make every attempt to participate from OFC or PAT. BTH and KBR can be quite noisy and awkward for your colleagues and while WNC seems like a great idea, we prefer to meet there after the sessions have completed.



Exit your bedroom and walk to the kitchen. Stop by your Keurig or Nespresso prior to making a left in the hall and proceeding to OFC. From here, close door, put on noise cancelling headphones and pretend that someone in your house just made pizza rolls in the microwave.


Take the short walk to your pantry or refrigerator to procure refreshments for your time in the Hammock. Exit your place of residence and walk toward the hammock tree. Carefully enter the hammock and position a pillow behind your head to avoid neck cramps while watching your sessions. Beware of exiting the hammock at the end of day, it can be quite challenging for some.


If you are legitimately joining us from an overwater bungalow, we are impressed with your commitment to emergency preparedness and continuing your education from such a wonderful location. Also, congratulations on being adventurous enough to go all in on being a Digital Nomad while serving your community from abroad. We would provide directions to the place with the best view, but let’s be real, you don’t have to go far to be somewhere amazing!

There is a joke in here somewhere, but we like our friends from next door too much to make it!